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F.A.C. Board Members

The Family Assessment Clinic is grateful to be working with a well respected group of community members that reflect and support our mission. If you are interested in joining our board, please contact us for more information. 

 Our current board members include:

Charles Garvin, PhD, ACSW, LSW

Deborah Willis, PhD

Karen Staller, PhD, JD

Frank Vandervort, PLC 

Lori Shapiro, LMSW

F.A.C. Consultants 

The Family Assessment Clinic partners with community members to advise, assist and work with us in their field of expertise to strengthen the work we do and better serve the families that come to us for services. 

Devin R. Frazier, PhD., DLLP. 

Christine Piatkowski, PLC

Gary Stauffer, LMSW

Orli Avi-Yonah, LMSW, PhD 

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