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The FAC Mission

Community Matters. 

The foundation of FAC’s mission is to provide social work services directly to the community.  FAC creates learning and knowledge development opportunities for students and FAC professionals who share an interest in child welfare.  These services include evaluating and treating situations involving child maltreatment and child welfare.

The FAC is committed to providing trauma-based/informed, culturally enhanced child-centered, family focused services to maltreated children and their families.  The FAC collaborates with other community agencies including Jewish Family Services and Avalon Housing as part of outreach to the community.  

Our Vision 

Contribute to the safety, trust, support and hope of those negatively impacted by child abuse and neglect.  The three goals of FAC include:

  1. Provide effective services to maltreated children and their families.

  2. Increase the knowledge and skills of MSW students and community professionals through training, writing and presentations.

  3. Improve outcomes for those impacted by child abuse and neglect through professional expertise and court testimony.

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