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Together, We Can Make a Difference. 

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The Family Assessment Clinic (FAC) is a multidisciplinary program, comprised of staff, faculty, and graduate students in the University of Michigan School of Social Work, Law and Medicine; as well as graduate students from other universities in Southeast Michigan. 

The Clinic is child-centered, family focused, culturally responsive and dedicated to the assessment and treatment of children and families who may have experienced trauma and maltreatment through physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or neglect. FAC works to prevent child maltreatment and endangerment through education of the community and the training of students and professionals.


Comprehensive Assessments

FAC conducts assessments of children and families when there is evidence of child maltreatment. Maltreatment can include physical, sexual and psychological abuse and physical and emotional neglect. Assessments address the cultural experience, strengths, vulnerabilities and traumatic experiences of each child and caregiver. Assessments include review of background material, psychosocial evaluations, psychological testing, medical examinations, family interactions and collateral contacts with persons knowledgeable about the family.


FAC provides child, family and group treatment. Approaches are evidence-based and related to issues of child maltreatment and focus on safety, challenging behaviors, trauma and parenting. Treatment cases are billed on a sliding scale.

Case Record Reviews

The FAC provides expert opinion and court testimony based upon a review of case records. Case record reviews address issues of child welfare best practice and standards of care as well as child maltreatment and malpractice. 

SRT Program 

We have recently started a new assessment and treatment program (SRT) available to work with sexually-reactive youth who are under the jurisdiction of the Washtenaw County Juvenile Court. Services include trauma-informed and culturally responsive comprehensive assessments, as well as individual, family and group treatment.

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