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Together, We Can Make a Difference. 

The Family Assessment Clinic (FAC) is a multidisciplinary program, comprised of staff, faculty, and graduate students in the University of Michigan School of Social Work, Law and Medicine; as well as graduate students from other universities in Southeast Michigan. 

The Clinic is child-centered, family focused, culturally responsive and dedicated to the assessment and treatment of children and families who may have experienced trauma and maltreatment through physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or neglect. FAC works to prevent child maltreatment and endangerment through education of the community and the training of students and professionals.

Our Services 

We accept referrals from 

  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

  • Courts

  • Child Welfare Agencies

  • Private Practitioners

  • Lawyers

  • Self-Referrals

We also offer workshops & trainings!


  • Individual 

  • Family

  • Groups  

  • Prevention

Treatment to traumatized children and their families.  FAC appreciates that the whole family is affected by maltreatment and trauma.  We use an evidence-based, trauma informed treatment model.  Each family unit has a fully licensed clinical supervisor and graduate student interns, who provide both individual and family treatment.

Therapeutic Visitation 
The Family Assessment Clinic provides child - centered therapeutic visitation that meets the criteria for Court Ordered Reunification Therapy.  Our approach to this service is to focus on improving the parent - child relationship, enhancing parenting skills, and helping to understand and meet the unique needs of the child and parent. Importance is placed on establishing and maintaining physical and emotional safety, trust and connection during the visit. Visitation may include specific activities designed to achieve therapeutic goals. Each case proceeds at its own pace based on the child’s needs and comfort as well as the situation’s specific requirements. Support is provided to the parent and child to navigate the reconnection and rebuild their relationship.  A variety of clinical interventions and training skills are used and each plan is tailored to each family. The Family Assessment Clinic has a diverse group of supervising clinicians with Masters Degrees in Social Work who support every aspect of this therapeutic treatment. 

Comprehensive Family Assessments 

  • Psychosocial Evaluations 

  • Psychological Testing

  • Parent-Child Interactions 

  • Reports to Courts 

Comprehensive Family Assessments on cases referred by DHHS, the courts, and sometimes individuals.  These cases often involve some type of child maltreatment or trauma. The assessments center around critical child welfare decisions, for example.

A. Was the child abused?

B. Can these neglectful parents be rehabilitated?

C. Should the DHHS pursue termination of parental rights? 

Court Order is required. The cost of our comprehensive family assessment is between $3,000-$6,000.  

​      Case Record Reviews

  • Review Case Materials

  • Interview

  • Reports/Opinions

  • Court Testimony

These are usually cases in civil litigation where there are questions of child welfare best practice, professional and agency best practice, or issues of cultural competency. These cases come from all over the United States. 

      ​SRT Program 

  • Assessments

  • Individual Treatment 

  • Family Treatment

  • Groups

SRT Program is an assessment and treatment program (SRT) available to work with sexually-reactive youth who are under the jurisdiction of the Washtenaw County Juvenile Court. Services include trauma-informed and culturally responsive comprehensive assessments, as well as individual, family and group treatment.

Meet our team! 

Our Mission 

The foundation of FAC’s mission is to provide social work services directly to the community.  FAC creates learning and knowledge development opportunities for students and FAC professionals who share an interest in child welfare.  These services include evaluating and treating situations involving child maltreatment and child welfare.

The FAC is committed to providing trauma-based/informed, culturally enhanced child-centered, family focused services to maltreated children and their families.  The FAC collaborates with other community agencies including the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Washtenaw County Juvenile & Family Courts, foster care agencies, Jewish Family Services and Avalon Housing as part of outreach to the community.  


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Our Vision 

Contribute to the safety, trust, support and hope of those negatively impacted by child abuse and neglect. 

The three goals of FAC include:

  1. Provide effective services to maltreated children and their families.

  2. Increase the knowledge and skills of MSW students and community professionals through training, writing and presentations.

  3. Improve outcomes for those impacted by child abuse and neglect through professional expertise and court testimony.

100 blue pinwheels.jpg

The History of FAC

Founded in 1985.

The Family Assessment Clinic (FAC) is a child welfare clinic that has provided services for over 3 decades to Washtenaw County and the State of Michigan. 

FAC Community Partners

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